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Timeless Classics

This perfect simulation/Just like, just like/Fireworks/And I flip the ignition

Switch in the kitchen/Glitchin', stiched ribbons in skin, neon, parasite, live wire, nude apron

Love in the in the Love in the in the Outer reaches Planetary Kinda scary Call me daddy Lick the prism mint

Did you flip? Back to the front to the side by side we're on the front lines charging heavies crashing pavement gushing magma

He is risen Totally evil And all around driven To destroy the universe!

Are you the next victim? Hit play again gotta get with it

Only losers win

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Vincent Leonardo

Earl crashed at 60-65% but somehow he got right behind me at 80%

Then they say Darius is hard

CoolCryingTurtleZ #1

Also it is possible to recreate Earl’s Evo in Carbon. As well as most of the other Blacklist cars.

CoolCryingTurtleZ #1

@real_name_hidden I guess you could use Earl’s Evo to beat Darius’ Audi.


Earl was a fucking cheater!

Kiyiya Shirayuki

They somehow go easy on u when they're away ahead of ya

Tyren Hoskins

While I get the rubberbanding thing, it's also due to catchup mode being on. While that helps you it also helps everyone else. Haven't plated nfsmw since a kid though.

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Gargantuan Perpetrator

The intro is just over the top.


I know. It's amazing, right?


the beginning gives me creeps, holy fuck this song is amazing

Valentin Fejes

The same here!

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