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Feed The Addiction
by Ils

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Vincent Leonardo

Earl crashed at 60-65% but somehow he got right behind me at 80%

Then they say Darius is hard

Neon - Corolla Virus

Earl easy smoke some noobs not beat the earl


@Matt Weismiller not that is just that earl ai has the most insane rubber banding effect that I ever seen in my entire life that's why people call him rubberband earl cause he can literally catch up to you even if he messes up alot

B Down

#9 blacklist challenge was hard, I remember it! Camden & Route 55.. Earl drove the hell out of that Evo every time!

Too Much Sus

Rubber-band AI


I beat earl pretty easily with my golf gti

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Jevon Hood

Am i the only one who imagine earl from the # 9 black list rapping this?


@_eli_isham yeah no way who created that song is a nigga


@Данил Маслина think again baron is here bish

The Most Wanted MW

@_eli_isham wait what

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