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Jelly Man Kelly
In Harmony Lyrics

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James Taylor Here's a story about Jelly Man Kelly He loves jelly the…

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Comments from YouTube:


I'll never be too old to bust out singing Jellyman Kelly.

Michael Fishman

I first heard the version on Sesame Street with the screaming kids (one of whom was James’ daughter, I believe). I had no idea who James Taylor was, but I remember liking the song a lot (could have done without the kids screaming along with the chorus).

Many years later, my 11 month old daughter was in the hospital for an upper respiratory infection. I was playing a Sesame Street mix for her to help her fall asleep. I came across the song again. This time, I took one look at the video and said “wait, that’s James Taylor!” And I had a newfound appreciation for this song.

Good to hear what it should have sounded like if James did a proper studio version.


Michael Fishman I enjoyed your story.

Kassie Ward

This song was my childhood...made me love James Taylor forever. ❤️ I’m so happy I found this!

emma elson

I used to listen to this song all the time when I was a little kid but I actually had no idea it was from Sesame Street


I remember when I used to listen to this back in like 2004 in the car when I was little. The whole cd used to play non stop in the car. Omg I miss it!! 2004 was so peaceful.


Thank You for uploading this, the version with the kids singing is awful.

Dillon Ohlemiller

*classic. There. Fixed it

Marie Lynn

This is a BOP

R. L. Roker

What a wonderful sight! To see the brightest smile on my baby's face whenever he heard this song. Great memory too since he's getting married soon 😃😃😃

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