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In Vague Pattern Lyrics

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I just throw a graphic band/anime tee and yoga pants together πŸ’€ on a good day I ain’t running to work/school I’ll actually put together a nice emo fit with accessories and all. Thanks to you I’ve gotten into silver jewelry and vests again πŸ–€


I love you, you're adorable and I love your vibe. These were all really solid tips, stuff that I do too but never really thought about until you put words to it! I did miss being called your fellow emo but I'll survive I think πŸ₯²


I love your style! I also have ALOT of black in my wardrobe.


another amazing vid!! I've been searching for the right thing to lift baggy tees for ages thank you so much for the advice !

Rayne Cross

Ahh tysm glad I could help :)


do you have a Pinterest board for outfit inspo you could share? I love ur style <3


been looking for a video like this :) glad im early


i love blondie and fleetwood mac but i havnt listened to their music in a while, what songs do you recomend? also i like the tips the last few ones where very helpfull, lately ive been wanting to do outfit but i only have casualish clothes at the moment, and imlike its not my style or i need more detail, thanks


@Rayne Cross just listened to some of all of the songs, you have good taste! some of these songs ive known since i was a child


@Rayne Cross thank you! ill take a listen rn :)

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