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by Injury Reserve

It's good to be home bumping Good to Be Home and my true Blu's too new
Yeah it's good to be on, on yeah I'm on the clock
Cause these raps haven't done shit but buy me a couple socks
And those get holey eventually, holy Guacamole
I'm supposed to be the recipe or the key ingredient to what makes this shit deadly potent
Yeah your flow kid, is pretty much dead to me
And we back with another one, like I'm making a Tracy McGrady jersey
You on the Rockets and you know I can't stop it
Bridges been rocking with flows that make fossils, c'mon
You full throttle, but no, no speed wobble
I came with four bottles and left with three models, c'mon
Yo, bottles of water cause you know I ain't sippin'
Three new kicks, cause you know I ain't Pippen


Fuck these niggas and their lame brands all I rock is Vans shit and TVTs
I swear even when we on I'm still going to have my girl buying groceries at EBT
Like ODB, I told you I'm addicted to this shit, I'm about to OD, P
But fuck it, feed the addiction, Nate and Park and Andre
So you best believe that I'm sippin' for free
Killing everyone who thinks they killing it
On my decks and shit
I'm just rapping about my life, bruv
Fuck all that extra shit
"Why you so Mad Stepa, what's up with the all expletives?"
Well I started drinking again, plus I'm hella lit
But back to the extra shit
Like this world's just moving in the background, and I'm the star of this flick
I'm just hoping all of my verses stay as hard as my dick
Never settle in life Jack this ain't as good as it gets
Before I wasn't good enough, I guess this take five
Frankest vs. the world homie, You better take sides
Like you order the value meal and got bullied for your fries
It be easy to make ignorant music that threatens lives
Never been the type to preach, man that ain't cool
Life's a chess game you better calculate your moves
I truly recommend you don't step to my groove
It'll be extremely painful, for you!

I like the way you move
I like the way you vibe
I like the way you move
Do you have the time?

I like the way you move
I like the way you vibe
I like the way you move
No, no forreal, does like, anyone have the time?

I like the way you move!

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