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apple cheeks
Into the White Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Into the White:

Pixies And there ain't no night And there ain't no night Did you…

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Meryl Gasper

I’m gonna start this and tell u guys how it’s goes
Day 1: looks exactly the same not suprised.
DAY 2: again looks the same.
DAY 3: I feel like it’s starting to form but nothing changed.
DAY 4: looks the same.
DAY 5: Looks the same but when I smile I can see it kinda form.
DAY 6: I can now faintly see it when I smile.
DAY 7: not much of a difference
DAY 8: looks the same
DAY 9: no difference yet
DAY 10: pretty noticeable when I smile
DAY 11: still the same as yesterday
DAY 12: same

yaki tai

Day 1 -✔️ did it 3 Times
Day 2 -✔️did it 3 Times
Day 3-✔️ did it 3 Times( did not see any change )
Day 4 - ☑️ did it twice did not see any change
Day 5 -☑️, did it 3 Times did not see any change
Day 6 - ☑️ today i also did it 3 Times
Day 7-
Day 8-
Day 9 -
Day 10 -

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Anushka Das

Just a small tip: wash your hands before doing these massages so that you don't transfer bacteria to your face😊❤️


Are you korean?

Santino Santosusso

I’m a guy could this work on me p

Sam Irene

Aww thank you so much.. Love you😘

Khalida Hameed


Anup Biswas

Thanks for the. Tip ❤️

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Lim Ha-nee

Coming back after 2 months, this hella works!

Sebastian Fimiani

@the beauty hub Good for you, but nobody cares


@Lim Ha-nee was it permanent or temporary please tell

the beauty hub

I already have it naturally

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