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Time Is On My Side
Irma Thomas Lyrics

Time is on my side, yes it is
Time is on my side, yes it is

Now you always say
That you want to be free
But you'll come running back (said you would baby)
You'll come running back (I said so many times before)
You'll come running back to me

Oh, time is on my side, yes it is
Time is on my side, yes it is

You're searching for good times
But just wait and see
You'll come running back (I won't have to worry no more)
You'll come running back (spend the rest of my life with you, baby)
You'll come running back to me

Go ahead, go ahead and light up the town
And baby, do everything your heart desires
Remember, I'll always be around
And I know, I know
Like I told you so many times before
You're gonna come back, baby
'Cause I know
You're gonna come back knocking
Yeah, knocking right on my door
Yes, yes!

Well, time is on my side, yes it is
Time is on my side, yes it is

'Cause I got the real love
The kind that you need
You'll come running back (said you would, baby)
You'll come running back (I always said you would)
You'll come running back, to me
Yes time, time, time is on my side, yes it is
Time, time, time is on my side, yes it is
Oh, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is
I said, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is
Oh, time, time, time is on my side
Yeah, time, time, time is on my side

Written by: Jerry Ragovoy, Norman Meade

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uncover thetruth

I honestly always heard it at various parts of life

Can’t even pinpoint when

I feel like it was on a million commercials

And I never imagined what she looked like

I didn’t imagine her black
In the 50’s everybody kinda sounded the same in these kinda

Genre of female music

Shoo wop lookin singers

I didn’t think she was that young either

And I never paid attention to what she was talking about because only a snippet is ever played for promotion

So I didn’t know until right now that she was swaggin on some dude she knew she had in the palm of her hand 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I love these lyrics 😂😂😂😂

That girl don’t care nothing about no tantrums and leaving and none of that

She said “are u done?”
“I’ll wait”
“Got nothing but time”
“Bring me back a bacon egg and cheese when u get done packin your stuff to ‘leave’ “


That’s real masculine energy
Women usually aren’t that tough in lyrics
Always whining and crying

I love this 🤣🤣🤣

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Movie Reviews

Am I wrong for thinking this version is better than the Rolling Stones version? Man! This is AMAZING! Love Rolling Stones version too but this one is just WOWSER!

Christopher Picart

@cantstopsinging my feelings through your text. Thank you😊


@Dawn Jennifer Clark Your opinion, and as with all opinions, you are entitled to it.

Dawn Jennifer Clark

Only the knee benders could say this is better than The mighty Uk Rolling Stones

Dawn Jennifer Clark

Away n behave, The Rolling Stones outclass this


@Meow woeM Mick had a way of getting himself laid out with a good right hook. He pissed off Charlie when the Stones were in Amsterdam and Mick found himself sailing towards a canal, stopped only by Keith grabbing his jacket and only because Mick had been wearing Keith's wedding jacket and he didn't want to get it wet.

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Lisa - Tijms

This is the original and best version of the two. Period. Her voice, her singers, her emotion , you can feel it. !!❤

Jeff Rutt

It's not the original. Jerry Ragovoy wrote the song, and Many performers did this version.

Michael Woodard

Rolling who this is the real.

Mologrow Goodwater

This is the best version but its not the winding 1963

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