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Ironlight River Lyrics

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Very comprehensive. Helped me get the job done in less than 15 min and I had no prior experience and am terrified of electrical.

Art Instructor

Same here 😊🤣❤️

Larrieux Royale

What's up, Ma.. let me come change the next light bulb

eztv online

So glad it helped. Thanks for the feedback.

Seth Payne

Amazing video! Best I've seen so far (one small note though, would be useful to explain why frayed copper wire should lead first (slightly ahead of solid copper wire) when entering the plastic screw on wing-caps, this allows the frayed to clamp onto the solid copper wire. Because of you lead with the solid one first sometimes the screw wing caps will clamp down on only the solid part and the frayed part basically slips out causing arcing or low electrical connection issues. Although you did mention the electrical tape around the cap which would prevent a fire hazard

luz mortl

This is by and far the BEST lighting installation video I have ever seen. VERY DETAILED where you show and explain everything absolutely perfectly! Well done, and thank YOU for sharing your expertise with us!!!!!!!


Very good and easy to follow instructions, however there is one problem. You say to hook the ground wire coming from the light fixture to the green screw to hold it and keep it from falling. Still there are 3 wires coming from the ceiling - a black one, a white one, and a copper one. In the video, after you connect the ground wire coming from the light ixture to the green screw, the copper wire hanging from the ceiling mysteriously disappears (1:30 mark). What did you do with the 3rd wire (copper color) coming from the ceiling? I guess this would be another ground wire. Should you connect it to the ground wire coming from the light fixture? They both connect to the green screw? Just wondering where it went and what you did with it.

Dan Sisken

@BornAJarhead I think this answers my question re the ground wiring. Just to confirm my understanding, you wrap the copper wire from the new fixture around the screw of the crosspiece (is circular here) you attach and tighten, leaving some wire to then attach to the ground wire (red I think) coming out of the ceiling. In other words, you attach the copper wire to two things. Thanks!


I have the same question, plus there is a red coated wire coming from my electrical box (for the switch) which I believe goes in the marrette with the grounded wire. However, I have noticed that any comment on here that asks a question or asks for elaboration doesn't get liked or responded to. Not so helpful.

Old Yeller's Channel

My question also!

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