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Isaac Winemiller Lyrics

The Dust in the air′s making me want to cry every night
I try to put on a face that I think you'd really adore
I don′t
Want to sit and pretend
That you'd love me in a perfect world
Slow down
Feel the breeze and be content
That I'm just fine alone

What kind of dream is this
I thought I′d get to choose
It isn′t always true
The way I think of you
I can treat you fine
If you'd be mine
But you don′t care

Writer(s): Isaac Winemiller

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To whoever is reading this, I hope you have a fantastic day.

Aka Bae

This just made my day

Ulaidh Abú

So far so good. Have a fantastic weekend.

Anna P

To you too🌟

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I think this type of music is good for me

Selindra Selindra

@Basaure i like this channel same


for you, for me too...for everyone


i like your style ...nice tune ✨


I love music like this and days like the one in the picture

coolest kid eva

man this whole song is beautiful. Every instrument. every note. every lyric. truly a masterpiece! hope tik Tok don't get a hold of this

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