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Isabel Bayrakdarian Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Evenstar' by these artists:

Howard Shore Solo in Sindarin U i vethed na i onnad. Si boe u-dhanna.…
Howard Shore feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian A vision of Aragorn's death. Aragorn remembers. He and Arwen…
Shane McDonnell Shane Macgowan And The Popes The Snake Her Father Didn't L…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


To make this a bit more emotional...

Aragorn was born in TA 2931. When he ascended to the throne and married Arwen in TA 3019, he was 88 years old. Aragorn would die in Fourth Age (FA) 120, at the age of 210

5 Years later, Arwin would die as well, and her cause of death.... Heartbreak of her husband's death.

That is what you call unconditional love.

damn :'(

All comments from YouTube:

Juank Espin

I imagine listening this master piece all the way to heaven, remembering my Lifetime on Earth, my family, my friends, my adventures in the mountains, all I did un life. This is amazing and heartbreaking.


I honestly do not know how anyone could not like the bitter-sweet beauty of this piece.
By itself it is simply incredible.
Combined with these images. The passing the ages, and her love. Whilst Arwen "lingers." 


this song never fails to deliver the feelings, after all those years, it's magic is still present pure beaut

philipp plein

Holy mother of god, is this heaven? Props to Howard Shore and Isabel for making such a heartbreaking and absolutely beatiful piece

Sara Wolske

When I listen to this song, I feel kind of a deep inner peace... But sometimes it also makes me feel sad somehow. LOTR forever <3

Anisa Yusuf

So powerful...but yet such a Graceful voice Isabel has! <3 it!

Sajid Khan

Mujhe Hindi me batao

Iliya Uryupin

Very beautiful voice and performance!

Iliya Uryupin

>.> Я думаю, папа очень любит комментировать случайных видео с моей Email ... * Facepalm *

Михаил Жаров

WOW! Beautiful! You should ask Olga to upload this video to her YouTube channel and write down something like: «Are you tired of this crazy world? Subscribe to the elite music channel of Olga Nejdanova then!»

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