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Snake Song
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan Lyrics

Well you can't hold me
I'm too slippery
I do no sleeping
I get lonely
You can touch me
If you want to
I got poison
I just might bite you

Lie in circles
On the sunlight
Shine like diamonds
On a dark night
Ain't no mercy
In my smiling
Only fangs and
Sweet beguiling

Well the future he don't
Try to find me
Skin I been through
Dies behind me
Solid hollow
Wrapped in hatred
Not a drop of
Venom wasted

Well you can slip in
Try to find me
Hold your breath and
Flat deny me
It makes no difference
To my thinking
I'll be here when
You start sinking

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Comments from YouTube:

Ant Blake

Love it. Dark atmospheric western music is a billion times more superior than modern flash politicized country music.

David Swanson

RIP Mark

Oded Niv

RIP Mark Lanegan


Let it be known this is a Townes Van Zandt number. And a damn good version at that.

jacob magill

good to know, thanks

John Green

mat11trick Aye bro check out my last punisher video tell me what ya think 😉


The Bootleggers Feat: Ralph Stanley-Fire in the blood

Katrina Whitney

love it! best townes van zandt cover in a long time.

Missy Blanchard

I absolutely love this song!!

Et in Arcadia ego

God, I love this song. EVERY. FUCKING.VERSION. I first heard this song on the film Lawless, the Emmylou Harris cover of it. Then I heard the orginal by Townes Van Zandt on the film Cavalry. I just discovered this version today, and I like it, not as much as the other two, but its still pretty damn epic.

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