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Jónsi & Alex Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


While I'm glad most people are happy listening to this song, for me it is reflection on my life - for better or worse.

What I've done, what I regret. The people I miss. The people I loved... and lost. My childhood, no responsibilities. Getting older, figuring stuff out, to discover I knew nothing. My first marriage - happiness. My wife and best friend (at the time) changing, our split and eventual divorce.

My family. My parents. Strong and vibrant. Now so much older and my time with them is growing short. Did I spend enough time with them? Have I learned enough from them yet?

I need to work harder. I need to travel more before I can't anymore. But I need money to travel. I need to work harder. Cycle goes on. Distractions. Complications. "I don't have enough time!"

Powerful song!

All comments from YouTube:


Been listening for five years now. My life has changed very much. The feelings this song evokes have stayed the same. I'll always come back to listen, and it'll always be waiting for me, right when I need it. I remember all of the comments, too. A man blessed with a newborn child. Someone reaching the end of the tunnel after a long battle with depression. Your stories are always with me. I hope you're doing well. Don't forget this feeling. Keep the love in your life. I'll be rooting for you.


Yeehaw :D. Jokes aside, I'm rooting for you too kind stranger

Fairy Char ASMR

Best song for my soul <3

Manuel Toledo

I played this one in the morning in Reykjavík, Iceland. In front of the sea, there wasn’t anyone at that hour.
Pure magic.

Jay McPherson

My wife and I played this album on loop in our bedroom for about 2 months at night while our newborn son slept in our bed.  It is peaceful, it is beautiful, it is amazing.  Thank you.

Jason McPherson

@Bunny Actually he is 9 and great :-) I wrote the initial comment a few years after the fact.


I Just wanna say Hi to your Son I know He is 6 years old now ❤️🌻is doing well?

Teresa Giarratana



Jay McPherson <3


Usually play it when I'm taking a shit...
Helping me ease it out

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