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Soul Vibration
J-Walk Lyrics

This is Soul Vibration

Contributed by Hannah A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Irrelevant Vengeance

I love it when artists make a song like its going to be their last.


perfect summation of this

erik꧁꧂ bundersen

@zooteraudio Cheers brother


Its not the last, love your thought about the sound, I'm playing bass with the chaps, watch this space. New sounds and live coming your way. Im from Southport uk, The other chaps all Manchester, Covid put a downer on live music, It will come back like a bouncing ball. believe and good will my friend. :)

Sophocles S


John Mendoza

IT'S LIKE MY SOUL FINALLY FOUND THE SOUND IT WAS LONGING FOR! especially as a lifelong drummer just eargasm!

Sir Marqus Kane

I will forever Love Jazz Music!
This song helped me stay positive through years of living around a lot of violence living in Philly. It reminded me to stay positive , true to my self and to walk with Adonai Yahweh Elohim all my days with a true smile of joy daily. You have to tape into your inner peace and bring it forth into the world and stay intune. Remix your life , nod your head, eat healthy, work out, create good things and be the super hero you deserve! Ase Aloha Amen Shalom!


I heard this song on Pandora while driving on the freeway headed toward torrance, and man it fit the mood. It was a cloudy day, and pretty much sweater weather, but the outside temp still being warm.


Good road trip music and headphones music as well!!!


jerro95 bs you were just high on your couch . lol jk man good ship .

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