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Staring out the window, waiting for life to stop. Cause’ everything I’ve been through,
never seems to let up. Someone asked me why I feel like I feel. Take pill after pill, I
wish I could chill. Politic and play the game. I don’t know the fake from the real. The
weight of the steel. From the things that I kill, when I sign my life away. You know
I want this, I know you need it too. Let’s be alone. Im'a keep it simple, forget the
odds. I just gotta have you, and I’ll never stop. You know I want this, I know you need
it too. Let’s be alone. You’re the only one I want, the only thing I need. You haunt
me in my dreams, even when I’m not asleep. You’re the only thing I got, it’s clear for
me to see. No matter the degree, this is where I want to be. I want this, I know you
need it too. Let’s be alone.

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Mckenzie Rey

To those of you saying he copied the Weeknd please tell me how JMSN has been around since 2005 the weeknd is relatively new. Just because someone makes it on the radio first doesn't mean they invented the genre. Pure ignorance

Lucas Blanc

JMSN has not been around since 2005 lmao he was not making this music at 11 years old. Also, The Weeknd's music came out before JMSN's, as far as this style goes. Go listen to The Weeknd's original mixtapes and compare the release dates... Trilogy was just his 3 original mixtapes/EPs repurposed later on. Nothing wrong with 2 artists making similar music around the same time. If an artist claimed an entire genre then there would be very little amount of artists in the world...

Azaria Little

Jade Alphonso alternative r&b

Jay Esco

I was listening to this song before the wknd..

Love amour

@Ozalacob no

Love amour

@Mckenzie Rey preach cause this song was already out before half ya'll discovered le weeknd

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Quentin Shaw

6 years later and I still find myself gravitating to this project when I'm losing my grip truly some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. I might not be living had he not made this project I'll never really be able to Thank him properly....

just existing

For those comparing The Weeknd to JMSN: 
You'd have to be really limited to this genre to think that he's a copy cat or even sound the same. Even though they're both called "PBR&B", are able to sing falsetto and -- both artistically and lyrically -- make dark songs with references to drugs; The Weeknd is more on the misogynist side and has a lot more soul influenced, while JMSN takes more of an ambient/Radiohead sound to this creation.

steve castillo

can this guy ever make a weak song...hell no all of it is dope fire ass shit like some blue cookies

Alex Torres

i miss these type of songs...

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