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No One's Aware
Jack Savoretti Lyrics

There's a boat sailing out there
To an island no one's aware of
We can go together and take to the sea
Sail with me
Sail with me

Every road lead us to somewhere
And every turn bring us closer to home
Being alone doesn't mean that you’re free
So come with me
Come with me
Come with me
Come with me

Every face is there to be looked at
Every word is there to be heard
Don't believe in all that you see
Just believe, believe in me
Believe in me
Sing with me
Sing with me

(Sing with me...)

There's a note waiting out there
For a song no one's aware of
No one's aware of
No one's aware

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Comments from YouTube:


This song made me discover Jack Savoretti.. 7 years later and still proud to say I'm a Savoretti fan 👍💖


sisterhood of traveling pants 2..:D

Rafael Veríssimo Santos

persefoona I love this movie


The melody of this song reminds me strongly of a different song from a different artist or band but I just can't get my mind around it. If someone understands miraculously, please tell me.


I always think of Tom Petty- Something good coming when I hear this song

BTS infires

Try ‘aicha’ by outlandish. It sounds similar

Graeme Blignault

I love music for so many different reasons. But music that moves my soul is my fav. Others may love music that lifts their mood, or moves their body.
I have just found this song, by accident. I know it has been around for some time, but it certainly isnt old. I cant stop listening to it. I can feel Jack's emotion. This song is absolutely brilliant. I cant believe that this song is not as well known as a Beetles or Micheal Jackson hit. It deserves to be recognized.
I wish that I had the tallent to make something as beautiful as this. Well atleast yhere are people out there who can. Then I have my little concert in the car where I get to sing it, and imagine that it is my song...over and over and over. WOW, what an awesome 3 minutes 24 seconds of inspired artistic brilliance. The message, the voice, the melody, the blending of instuments. It really adds quality to my world.

Louise X

This exactly!!

Jennifer Mikulski

STP2 brought me here,now my current favorite song<3


Sons of Anarchy brought me here from his song "Soldiers eyes".

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