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by Jake Thackray

Now we're agreed that we're in love
We'll have to face the lah-di-dah,
The eyewash, all of the fancy pantomime
I love you very much
I'll try love, I'll bill and coo
With your gruesome Auntie Susan
I'll stay calm, I'll play it cool
I'll let your tetchy uncles
Get me back up, cross my heart
And I shan't get shirty when they say I look peculiar

I'll be nice to your mother,
I'll come all over lah-di-dah
Although she always gets up me nose
I love you very much
And so I'll smile and I'll acquiesce
When she invites me to caress
Her scabby cat
I'll sit still while she knits
And witters, cross my heart
And I shan't lay a finger on the crabby old batface

I'll be polite to your daddy,
Frightfully lah-di-dah
Although he always bores me to my boots,
I love you very much
And so I won't boo and hiss
When he starts to reminisce
I won't drop off, I won't flare up
The runs he used to score
And how he won the war, cross my heart
But I'll have to grit me teeth when he goes on about his rupture

I'll behave at the wedding breakfast
I'll be lah-di-dah
So help me, hearty toasts and risky jokes
I love you very much
So help me, I'll force a laugh
For the flicking photographs
So have no fear, I won't turn tail
I won't run amuck when the females chuck
Confetti in my ears
And cross me heart love, I'll keep off the pale ale

When we're off on our own
No more lah-di-bloody-dah
I promise, we just won't have the time
We won't have time for such
Such fancy pantomimes
I love you far too much

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Comments from YouTube:

The Swellhead Spur

Here because of meet the Richardsons

Artur Sixpence

And I almost forgot...
Ooh Margret, save it for bingo.

Artur Sixpence

Loved meet the Richardsons too. Nearly moved to Hebden Bridge many years ago so it's nice to see it as part of a sitcom.

Artur Sixpence

Me also too as well, in addition. That said, being a yorkshire person myself, I was already aware of him as me mum and dad were fans and he cropped up on the telly from time to time.

Gill Nash

Me too!

Dave Wilson

Me too

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This is possibly the most honest love song I've ever heard. Brilliant.

James Veitch

The melody is sublime. 

jouska schneider

Woah hey there

Nigel's Inspirations

They didn't get much better than Kirkstall's answer to Noel Coward - an absolute genius writer, astonishingly funny performer and a 100% brilliant guitarist - and he makes it look SO simple - just try playing some of the tabs!!  This particular song was running though my head on the morning of my wedding to my beautiful wife, Julie.  It still brings a lump to my throat... "Now we're agreed that we're in love"....nobody thinks like that, it's a real glimpse into a real world - I had the joy of seeing him perform most of the great songs at a little pub in Islington and we went and had a few pints after - lovely man; I just wish he'd met one of my dogs - "I throw you a stick and you bring back a lampshade" sums her up a treat!!  Cheers' Jake....

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