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Comments from YouTube:

Kim K

I wish more people would watch this movie. Filled with so much truth. I am surprised they haven't taken it down. Thank you HDCCM!


This movie has more meaning and truth in it for today than ever before. Who knew what would emerge 4 years after this movie was made. Conspiracy theories are no longer theories especially to a lot of skeptics I know. God bless this ministry.

HDCCM :: High Definition Christ-Centered Media

Hey there, Tracy from Aus. I totally agree. Thanks for sharing!

Mum Victoria

Many thanks to all who were involved in making this film and uploading it here. It's a very well thought out and comprehensive presentation of facts that many are not aware of. I've been trying to convince some of my coworkers to change their habits and I'm sorry to say I haven't been that successful. I'm going to take a shot at seeing if they will watch this. God bless!


I couldn’t enjoy this movie for interrupting myself to send it to so many people!!! So, I’m watching it again - & probably again & AGAIN👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
This should be made mandatory watching for EVERY SCHOOL KID & parents & teacher & granparemts... and teachers, homeless shelter,
Every political leader....
(Need I go on?)

Donald James Parker

Thank you, Jini, for the encouragement.

Kim K

I agree with you jini MURRAY. Unfortunately, schools would probably ban this movie from ever being shown, but we can share!😊

ria vermeulen

Thanks a zillion for this courageous movie that can save lives on earth while confirming our heavenly FATHER'S WORD that can save lives for ever... We pray GOD to bless every good deed...

mario ouwens

Great movie. I am working for the pharmaceutical industry as statistician. However, I was not aware that diet is that important for our body. In fact, but googling, I found out that this is the case! Thanks.

HDCCM :: High Definition Christ-Centered Media

Hey there Mario, looking forward to speaking with you soon. Jeremy. Tot ziens.

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