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Just Fade Out
Jamie Found Out Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jamie Found Out:

Pretty Baby You see me drinkin' there every night Because I'm awful a…
Save Up Save up your dollars, soon you'll have enough to buy…

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Comments from YouTube:

Aryn Hedrick

Every single week I'm astonished by the caliber of talent this show has


Its clear Jamie didnt tell Beth she'd be sterilized. Question is how did Beth find out. I dont think the doctor told her. I think this is a bombshell that will come out and everyone will know. Curious to see Rips reaction cause the baby was his.

Taylor B

Did Jamie know though? I don’t think he knew either

Deb Minter

Sadly, teenagers don’t think of consequences. They think in terms of ‘NOW’. As a teen I made some tragic mistakes... I think those who haven’t are either very lucky or very sheltered. It’s very easy and simplistic to say in hindsight that he/she shouldn’t have done it. But it only takes one simple error of judgement, taking a shortcut home, trusting the wrong person, wanting to be loved, to make a life altering mistake. It doesn’t mean Beth is ‘bad’! It is how we deal with the aftermath of those mistakes that establishes the character of the adult we become. As a result of my mistake, I too could not have children. It tears at my soul every day. I understand the character of Beth, but who she hates is not Jamie... it is herself. She rages against Jamie, but her hatred is self-destructive. Why did they not consult John? Because she was still consumed with guilt after her mother’s death. John was not a gentle man. He would have killed Rip, for sure. They were all still in the depths of grief. Neither Beth, nor Jamie, wanted to add to John’s troubles or to see Beth shamed in their father’s eyes. Again, in hindsight, a father ‘should have’ been a perfect parent. ‘Should have!’ We all wish for do-overs. And yes... sterilisation practices were real and horrifying to today’s ethics.


Very lucky or sheltered? Or maybe we are just smarter than the average teenager and can get through our early years without fucking up.

AnDora Storm

I feel for them both...I really do...but my heart break for RIP 100%.

Shade Jackson

@Jill Neeld it was a bad joke damn it lol

Jill Neeld

@Shade Jackson You weren’t watching the show

Jill Neeld

@spirittammyk Beth never gave RIP the option to “save his unborn child. She in fact lied to him

Shade Jackson

I reckon Lloyd was the father

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