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Janet Lawson Lyrics

Zappa Frank
Janet's Big Dance Number
Mark Volman (vocals)
Howard Kaylan (vocals)
Ian Underwood (keyboards, woodwinds)
Aynsley Dunbar (drums)
George Duke (keyboards, trombone)
Martin Lickert (bass)
Ruth Underwood (orchestra drum set)
Jim Pons (vocals)

Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan:
The clock upon the wall
has struck the midnight hour.
She finishes her call.
Her girlfriend's in the shower.

Practisissing, Practiss, Practising!

Writer(s): Aloysio de Oliveira, Antonio Carlos Jobim, English Lyrics by Ray Gilbert Copyright: Corcovado Music Corporation, Ipanema Music

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Comments from YouTube:


Manchester Berlin 1985 : the scat cats

Kendra Ross

This is my voice teacher! Thanks for posting this...Love it!

Lucia Aerden

I could listen to this track all day. LOVE IT !

Wade l

terrific....had this single long time ago and the flip side was "two little rooms" it possble to upload with great appreciation


@Nieles1989 : Which tune? I now the sample too and can't name it. That is always driving me crazy.


Damn the record is fire!


smooth, i know this one, i think so...

Murray Murray

Janet Lawson is underrated genius.....beautiful as ever


Just made my Sunday


aint this the sample of black eyed peas???

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