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Jarren Benton Lyrics

Yea, I'm throwin' D's on the Cadillac
Riding through Decatur nigga, bumping Burt Bacharach
You a fuckin' liar faggot, never slung a crumb of crack
Bash your fuckin' window in
I drag you out your Pontiac
Tell your mom the zombie's back
Fucking hypochondriac
Gag a bitch and shove her in the dryer at the laundry mat
Coke head insomniac, sipping on some Cognac
Dude this fuckin' album sucks I want my fuckin' money back
Disadvantage, I'm schizophrenic, these bitches panic
Dickin' Janice, I'm poppin' Xanax and speaking Spanish
Na la cum la la cum pla, I ain't say a word
A fuckin' nerd, I'm riding dirty with the Mossberg
I am awkward, I'm sippin cough syrup
I'm high as a martian in a flying saucer
What up to 808 Blake and Mike Whalberg
I punch through the sheet rock and make the wall hurt
'Teen Wolf', I claw a dress and panties off her
Just got a new Lebaron and the seats is all fur
My brains fried, heart's gone and my balls hurt
I grab the nine to forty-five and let 'em all squirt
Mr. Benton, bitches said they sick of him
I'm up at Micky D's, I get an English McMuffin
You hang around all pigs like you McLovin
I shove a freakin' prick inside a fuckin' brick oven
You niggas fake like mall cop, Paul Blart
I run you over with the shopping cart in Wal- Mart
Hop out the Subaru, huffing a tube of glue
Your girl ring around my dick just like a hula hoop
Maneuver through the city in a bullet proof suit
I'm strong enough to rip a fucking roof up off a coup
You wanna play 2Pac
I throw you off the roof and run down and catch you
Tell these niggas "Jarren got the juice"
Somebody call the doctor, Dr. Suess or Dr. Roof
I'm so out of my fucking rocker any fucking doc'll do
I let the choppers loose and then I smoke a rock or two
And spend a hundred grand on a one-legged prostitute

Yea I'm going hard nigga, honey baked
Big say more money, more niggas hate
I blow a couple recs, just took an eighth of coke
Now let me show you what it means to be skitzo

Doctor Conrad Murray, Bitch I'm known to kill mics
And meet you in your nightmares, and bash you with a steal pipe
Somebody must have laced this heroin cause I don't feel right
Just bought my wife a set of Martha Stewart stainless steal knives
Hey, I'm fuckin' talking to you dickhead!
Jarren, he's dead he cannot hear you, idiot
Roaming every cities strips and grabbing every pretty tits
Y'all niggas playing hookie, mister Benton's really sick
Leave it to Beaver I'm leaving with Beiber with this meat cleaver
To his neck
And I'm making him eat ether,
Kick a bitch in the face cause she's a dick teaser
Did a song with Satan and that's a sick feature
I'm not a human being, I'm a sick creature
Run in every church to murder every sick preacher
Stompin' niggas to a seizure , smoking every spliff of reefer
A bully throwing geeks off the top bleacher
Fucking schitzo eat the barrel of pistols
I can shit a hand grenade and piss out a missile
Let's play Operation, I want to see blood drizzle
Let's make it real official, this saw will cut through a gristle
I'm so extraordinary sleep inside the mortuary
Wake inside the cemetery, dig up every corpse that's buried
This is so unnecessary, voices in my head, they're scary
Sick of being crazy, God I want to be ordinary!

Yea I'm going hard nigga, honey baked
Big said more money, more niggas hate
I blow a couple recs, just took an eighth of coke
Now let me show you what it means to be a schitzo

Yo Jarren, Jarren wake up dog
Come on, yo wake the fuck up man, come on
Come on, Yo Kato, Kato call 911
Man I think this fucker overdosed

Yo Jarren, Jarren
Stop, stop, stop! Chill
Yo, you're just slapping
You're talking to yourself right now man
I'm tryna study for this midterm
Fucking Skitzo


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Comments from YouTube:

Cole Greenman

The heavy early Eminem influence is apparent and appreciated


@jamto 123 who are you to tell people theyre topo young. What a fucking loser you are lool


@Jim Jones you were being nice by initially calling me dumb? + seems like you just like blaming other shit. Also dont feel like continuing anysort of dispute after you replied with something I would see a tin foil hat mfer post on reddit.

Jim Jones

@yow3r I was being nice. But in that case, then it's your fault for not using commas, periods and what not... which messed me up.

Anyways... ever hear of the saying "stop making stupid people famous"? Yeah, they keep it dumbed down to keep us dumb. The dumber and more divided we are, the more easier it is to control us. They also taint our souls with all the subliminal's they shower us with threw flashes, frequencies and imagery. Hint's why twatifa and the bad bowel movement is a thing. Not to mention them indoctrinating us in schools. Over 50% of Americans alone (give or take) doesn't even know what an organic thought feels like, let alone looks like. But we won't talk about that.

Leave that mainstream shit alone. It's the devils work!!!!


@Jim Jones dont blame the weed my man, it ain't do shit but help you. But yes, the mainstream AGENDA is trash; the music, not really if I am honest. Lyrics for the most part are dumbed down and made to be easier to deliver and digest. Not everyone can break down a triple entendre-complex rhyme scheme while they're at the club, you know? The beats are always some of the better beats too since more money goes into the production. Personally, I am a fan of both but deep down I am also first to prefer some underground.

Jim Jones

@yow3r Ah yes, I am high. But, my statement still stands about mainstream.

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Jarren Morgan

Who still listening to this banger ???


2021 boi still slumping

Billy Machuga

Always jerren too slept on facts as fucc

Mack Lane

Rare song

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