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Jason Becker Lyrics

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Not even a man! Jason was still a 17 year old kid when he finished composing not just this masterpiece but this entire album. And it ain't just the sweeping, this kid was a complete musical package:







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Charles Edge

TheDoooo brought here from a piece of this he played on an Omegle video. The sweeps got me.


Shittt im the one who requested it on twitter but im not 100% sure



Kris Kop

@Lauric Canola burn in hell

Lauric Canola

Overrated as fuck. Glad he's a vegetable. Shit music

Kris Kop

@Cms7899 underrated? You’ve just never heard of him lmao

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Y. Martel

Beethoven once wrote in a letter that a jealous demon was responsible for his loss of hearing. That same demon must of been very jealous of Jason.

Sophia Perennis

@Levi Salvini Vai was hired by Zappa to transcribe his solos when he was 18 and was playing in Zappa's band by the time he was 20.

None of this means much. Precocity doesn't equal greatness.

Levi Salvini

Jason wrote the all "Perpetual burn" album at the age of 17.
Steve vai at 17 was going at Joe Satriani Guitar lessons.

Andreas P

well spoken

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