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by Jason Becker

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Y. Martel

Beethoven once wrote in a letter that a jealous demon was responsible for his loss of hearing. That same demon must of been very jealous of Jason.

Fred Hankins

not to sound mean or nasty on top of being an amazing musician and a humble nice amazing human being Jason was and stiil is an amazing composer but sure enough theyre guitarist that are guitarist with huge egos.Jason didnt deserve this i hope they can find a cure to bring him back

g13- rhodes

@Travis Parker that's right

Travis Parker

g13- rhodes Guthrie is one of my favorites as well. Pretty much blows most other people out of the water.

Fred Hankins

only true demons like you just like to complain and blame others

Fred Hankins

@TheFissionchips hate to tell you steve vai is aetheist he just plays in that vein because of angry religious people just like you!

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Berk Bilak

Jason Becker, one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived!


It's almost as if he was gifted this other worldly ability , then it was snatched from him as he reached only a small amount of his potential to change modern guitar

Can you imagine the whole body of work if not for his illness. We all lost something amazing he was bringing to the cosmos
It's a good lesson not to take these talented mortals for gods or for granted.


@Levi Salvini and MAB


@Walamonga 1313 dis agree jis music after his disease is by far his best work

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