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Triple Double
Jean Dawson Lyrics

I don't smoke menthol (more-more m-m-menthol)
Got confetti in my lungs ('fetti, in my, lung)
Got a broken jaw (bro-ken-ken jaw-jaw-jaw)
'Cause they won't shoot the one on one (shoo-oo-oot the one, one)
And I'm a ball hog, I ball hard
I'm all net, I'm all boards
I'm no boy
I'm all gold, no glitter on me
I'm all soul, black Bowie with a lil' Kobe

I do better on my own
I do better on my own
I do better on my own
I do better on my own

It's hard to sleep when I don't dream
My eyes are red, staring at the street light

Pop-pop-papa say, "Stay on my tools"
Back to my Ps and my Qs
I say, "Fuck all your Q and A's"
Stood on my own twos, they ain't on my level
My E and my Q
I put the G in the Q
Bitch, I'm a G and I'm cute
Parlay with Jean in the coupe
She can't name the name of my jeans and it's cool
I could just tell that they ain't in my school, my league, my level (woo)
They ain't ivy league so they more Irish Spring (woo)
Clean, I'ma come clean 'til I leather my leather (woo)
Paint on my nail but don't rattle my feather (boy)
Don't grow and get killed, by that lil' boy in the kilt
Yeah I just bought a vest and upgraded my wheel, yeah
That's how I feel, for real, yeah
Boy don't get tilt, yeah
D-D-Don't get your cap pealed
Fuck you mean, how did it feel?
Yeah, now how does it feel? For real

I do better on my own
I do better on my own
I do better on my own
I do better on my own

Big karats on me, black girl, blond beach
Man of the year, girls in my ear, diamonds and pearls in my hair, yeah
Sitting sideways four vogues to the concrete
R-Ric Flair drip, right here
Talkin' 'bout Gucci, nine hundred pairs, they unaware
Homie ain't my homie, don't act like you know me
Easy way to get your shit chopped (get your shit chopped)

Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing
Written by: Zachary Alan Ryan Fogarty, David Dwan Sanders, Rakim Mayers

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