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Public Service Announcement
Jeff Bass Lyrics

Okay, this is another public service announcement brought to you in part (ah)

Shut up punk
Yo, this thing on? Good, good, hell yeah
Look I'm speaking on behalf of D-12
And if you get offended by words like bitch, ho
Sissy, faggot, homo, lesbian, fudgepacker, clit eater, all that shit like that
Then you should turn this shit off right now
Because that's just some of the shit, nah
That's the only shit that you gonna hear right here on this album
It's not that they don't have creativity or some shit like that, that ain't the case
We just like saying shit like that just to fuck wit' cha

Ayy, I told you to hold him down now he's running
Fuck it
Goddammit, if you would've just stayed still nothin' would've happened to you
It just goes to show when you fuck around with us, shit can happen

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Jeff Bass

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Comments from YouTube:


19 years, and still remains undefeated...

Constantine Vidalis

It got topped 2 years later my The Eminem Show and it wasn't even the best Album when it was released.


@Stoica Andrei David hahahahahahha, yes

Bloodshed Icicle and Razor

Make it 21 years today

Stan Refermat

MGK came really close but yeah...



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Angel Villarreal

When this first came out, my cousin played this album for my entire family at a family gathering. (We all ranged from ages 6-12). My uncle just happened to have a sick ass system that had huge speakers. Needless to say, as soon as this public service announcement came on, my whole family flipped out. Surprisingly they let us listen to half the album before they made him turn it off 😂

wag turbo

Mine would’ve told me to turn it off after they heard the first swear word🥲


Thanks for posting the whole album

Ebber Aturinde

Am subscribing just because you posted the whole album...thank you

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