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We Begged 2 Explode
Jeff Rosenstock Lyrics

Someone's gonna bleed and dribble trails in the snow
Stretching to the bus from an overstuffed home
We begged to explode

Laura said to me:
"This decade's gonna be fucked
Friends will disappear after they fall in love and get married
Isn't that shit like, crazy?
The workin', havin' babies and promotions?
The cheatin', cryin', leavin', and divorcin'?"

As we're bouncing up and down trying to make the floor break
Stop sneering at our joy like it's a careless mistake
You fuckheads complain because you like to complain
Like I blame rock and roll when it's just the champagne
That keeps me detaching from reality

Just waiting for someone to come and save me
Won't somebody fucking please come and save me?
Oh please, hurry up, someone
Come and save me from all these magic moments I've forgotten
All these magic moments I'll forget once the magic is gone

Written by: Jeff Rosenstock

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Comments from YouTube:


I love songs that make me feel awful.

Esteban Valero

Man, what a fantastic song. Perfectly sums up that timeless anxiety.
What's going to happen in the future?
What's happening right now?
What'd we miss from the past?

Always something to panic about. Just glad good ole' Rosenstock is giving me a song to drink to while I do it.

Esteban Valero

@Juju Vidrio WORRY

Chloé-Marie K

Love is worry!


Steven Valero I don't even like beer, but even I can't help but have a drink to this.

Emiko May Art

This is an amazing album and more people need to hear it

Griffin Kay

Agreed. I’ll listen enough for two.

Craig Perno

all these magic moments are forgotten


God the 'all these magic moments are forgotten' hits me right in the gut.

tom's video hole

saying that this song hits close to home is the understatement of the century

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