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A Fool In Love
Jeff St. John Lyrics

You made an art out of love 'em and leave 'em
So don't you call me without any reason
It took a long time but I've learned the meanin'
I'm a fool in love, a fool in love

You traded lies and deceit for devotion
And now a fool tries to live with emotion
I get a longin' as big as the ocean
I'm a fool in love, a fool in love

Oh, I don't know why she, has a hold on me. have you seen a fool in love
Oh I don't know what to do, I'm gonna cry over

I'm just a fool, a fool in love, another fool, oh another fool in love
Yeah, somebody's fool, somebody's fool in love

I've learned a lot only heartache can teach me
Your kinda love shouldn't ever have reached me
I won't be here if you're wantin' to see me
Not a fool in love, a fool in love

Getting over you, it's hard to do, look at me a fool in love
I'm gonna search for somebody new, instead of cryin' over you

I see the sunrise without any sorrow
A lot of good times I won't have to borrow
Because there ain't nothin' like a tomorrow
For a fool in love, a fool in love

Now I'm movin' on, all the pain is gone, I won't be a fool in love
Oh, Babe, I've got no time to feel blue or to cry over you
Not a fool, I'm not a fool, won't be a fool, a fool in love
Fool in love

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Written by: John Saucier

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Comments from YouTube:

Betty Bho

What a talent, RIP Jeff.


Man could he hit those high notes............................RIP Jeff.

Lee Maynard

One of the greatest voices this country has produced. I was about 15 when he recorded this and couldnt play it enough. Amazing vocalist.

Dale Kelly

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Almost 40 years on and it's still absolutely awesome. Thanks for the whole clip too. Love this.

Shane Daniels

One of the greatest singers of Oz of all time! Love this track. If, and it will, be re-done, it could never match such an amazing voice!

Julie Anne

I loved Jeff Snt John, he was so kool, and gave every performance EVERYTHING...didnt matter he was in a wheelchair, if anything, his doing this made a way for others to get out and make their him forever ❤🦋


I remember this clip I was about 10 at the time and even then thinking "wow what a voice ". Refined musical taste even at a young age. Kids are now glued to their phone with their brain turning to jelly.

Gary Marshall

Great man and great talent, RIP Geoff!

Ward Turner

brilliant voice and a ton of guts and resilience

Love Child

Brilliant vocalist and fantastic song!

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