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Conceptual Romance
by Jenny Hval

And sometimes I dream you've left me
And I'm so lost
I wake up high
High on madness
A sexual holding pattern

Stuck in erotic self-oscillation
This landmine of a heart
The only one
I am a heart
I am a heart
Conceptual romance is on my mind
I call it abstract romanticism
Conceptual romance is you
It's you and I
It's you and I

This blood bitch's tale goes a bit like this:
I lose myself in the rituals of bad art and failure
I want to give up
But I can tell
My heartbreak is too sentimental for you

So I lose my gaze to keep you
Creating a cuff on the eyes
Rejected by the illusion, it is constant
But such a lonely place

What can I say?
I don't know who I am, but

I'm workingon it
I'm working on it
I'm working on it
I'm working on it
I'm working on it

I'm high, high on madness
These are my combined failures
I understand infatuation, rejection
They can connect and become everything
Everything that's torn up in your life
But come with me, I want to show you something
The original holy origin of the world

Of the world
Of the world

Writer(s): Jenny Hval

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