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Born To
Jesca Hoop Lyrics

Held all within these flesh walls
Pair of dice and domino
Seven fingers and thirteen toes
Wind her up and watch her go
Spin her out of dust into rock and fire
Oh Holy water
Throw her to the earth
Through the burning air
Big bang survivor

Chorus- and now you gotta get it with what you’ve got
With what you’ve been given or not
And now you gotts get it with what you’ve got
With what you’ve been given or not
I was born to...

Held all within these flesh walls
Envelopes and time capsules
Mark her fingers and mark her throat
Spin her round and let her go
Send her like a cup to her mothers table
Drink the water
Watch her play her part in a long fixed fable
Oh as her father’s daughter

Contributed by Emma J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

John Evans

she's amazing. So original and talented. Guess that explains why she isn't popular

Mike Lippenkrantz

She's also near impossible to classify.

Kescy Jhony

She is very talented, her voice is powerful and sensitive at the same time.

Olivia C

I saw her a few days ago opening for an Iron and Wine concert. Her voice is exceptional and pitch perfect, even live.


She is an angel and more


It always takes me about three listens to realize how fantastic each of her songs is xD

Lavish Diluted

Alright... It's official. I can't get enough of Jesca... Next music video.

F Bronson

she's just amazing. so underrated


I heard this while shopping today. I generally listen to my own music because I hate the stuff they play in shops, but I stopped to listen to this. It's beautiful! I came home and dreaded finding out who sings it; thought it would be some idiot popstar. I'm SO surprised to see how few views she has! What a talented lady. Will definitely go and listen to more of her stuff!

Us The Duo

intense shoulder pads.

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