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by Jets to Brazil

candle is blue could see me through but I'm color blind
they tell me it's blue and I'm a believer that's why I'm blind
live on the freeway listen to signs and we drive by feel
be a believer believe everything you'll be right
half the time
candle is waxing takes my apartment I bask in its magic
all of the firefighters put out my fires took all my matches
staying up later waking up old and I'm leaving her never
ordering in all friends and lovers and we're making our weather with a lone light bulb
I'm tired of fighting
I'm tired of fighting, so I'm demolished - that's the way
some make exhaustion a mode of expression and that's their way
I'm just a question knowing my answer I hope I'm wrong
but I know the answer it's four in the morning I'm right again and I'm chinatown
now in a hurry, rubbing up urgent to get home to dot
was my missed mistress messed up my mattress I missed the catch
last of the pitchers catfish done hunting harry lundt
most of the killers never get famous and it's hard on everyone
I'm tired of fighting


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Comments from YouTube:

Gordon Bombay

This song stopped me from killing myself in 98. Thank you.

Throw Away

The irony is beautiful


@Kevin Panis Waiting for more good music. It may be hard to find good music through what is mostly generic or mediocre in the mainstream, but dig deep and you can find gold.

Kevin Panis

what is it about good music that makes you wanna put down the gun and just stay in this world a while longer?

Neal Carter

Gordon Bombay the year different but I wouldn't be alive without jets to brazil or jawbreaker. Can thank Blake and the lot for survival.


He almost killed himself because of the DUI

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Shoghi Fret

in a better world, a world that appreciates music as art, this album would of been a reference point in the long history of rebel music.

Angel Castillo

This song is Blake's take on the themes in the movie Chinatown, which is about how futile and pointless it is to be a rebel and fight corruption, so maybe not the exact take you're looking for

lastchanceforaslowdance_ 02

If that was the case, music like this would be on par with van gogh

Lane Kays

"i'm tird of fighting."

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