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My Guardian Angel
Jim Breedlove Lyrics

My Guardian Angel
Is surely watching me
This wonder for a night
My Guardian Angel
Must have arranged it so
My arms hold you tight

I hear sweet music
From up above
Heaven sent you to me
So will your love

My Guardian Angel
Fulfill the wish i made
All my lucky stars
I wanted someone
Someone that i could love
And now here you are

I hear sweet music
From up above
Heaven sent you to me
So will your love

Its like magic
Everytime we touch
Loving you my darling
Means so much

My Guardian Angel
Had brought you close to me
And its paradise
Now as I kiss you
I see the love-light burning
Deep in your eyes

I hear sweet music
From up above
Heaven sent you to me
So will your love

Yes My Guardian Angel
Sent you to me
For me to love
Come on baby
Give me your love

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Comments from YouTube:


Mafia and Mafia 2 are my favorite games ever. These definitive editions brought back so many memories of these original games and the music is just so much better than anything today. We keep thinking we are progressing but are we really?

Staticky Cat

True value of music is anonymous so I can't use music as an example of progress. But in moral principles, many argue that it has simply gotten worse. So yeah, in that way and a few others, society has gone backwards...

Saying this as a 17 year old.

mr mistour

Things happen in cycles, who knows maybe the world will recover from this and get closer to becoming a better place.

The Phantom Of The Opera

"As much as things change, things stay the same".

tatiana costa

Linda música!❤

Lucas Krug

Como você conheceu? Eu pelo jogo mafia 2 , gostava de ficar dando rolê de carro e curtindo as músicas da radio, todas muito boas , assim como essa.

Trophy Raider

Took me so long to find this great song

Henry Pruski


Chris Eklund

Why isn't this on Spotify?

Tyler DiCicco

It’s because the artist passed on way before streaming was even an idea and didn’t leave licensing. As far as I can find on Jim Breedlove, he died in a car accident in 1966.

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