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Angel Eyes
Jim Brickman Lyrics

I am amazed
When I look at you
And see your angel eyes
It's like a dream come true
They are so blue and I'm so in love with you

Sometimes it's so hard to believe
That it is time to leave
But never let me go
I love you so

You are the love of my life
I'm so glad you're here
You are the love of my life
Put your arms around me
And tell me what you hear

I wish I didn't have to go
But I just want to let you know
That I will always be here
Now please dry that tear
I will never be far
I love you more then my car

Now all I see is your angel eyes
They shine just like the sea
I will never let you go
I'll hold you till it snows
But you might wanna know
That here comes the snow

And now as I drive away
The snow is getting really thick
So I turn around and drive
Back to your arms and sing

You are the love of my life
I won't let you go
You are the love of my life
Even if it snows
I'll be here till it goes

And now the day is ending
I wish I could stop the time
But since I can not I must
Give you one last hug and
Look in your eyes
One last time

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

CatmomSheri & The Dude

I have written poems for our cats through the years who have passed on, to put on their gravestones. Since I fell in love with Jim’s Angel Eyes, I decided to kind of write the words to Ysa’s crossing over poem to match the rhythm of this song. I think it goes with the music nicely.

A baby Calico stray one day,
decided she had to stay,
A little feral through and through,
who grew to love and trust us, too.

The years go by, and time does fly,
we know it to be true.
You did your part, and took our hearts
to always be with you.

As you follow the Rainbow home,
please know that you’re not alone.
You’ll be greeted by friends of past,
and forever you’ll walk with Bast. 🐾

All comments from YouTube:

Kevin McBride

Mr. Brickman has been and always will be my FAVORITE solo pianist. His Pacing, skill and compositional arangements are breath taking!!!


I have loved this song since I was a teenager. I dunno who downvoted this song, but they must have no clue about good music. I could listen to this song on repeat for hours. it's one of a few songs that can de-stress me when I am anxious.

Beverly Watkins


L.D. Hickman


juliet Cotosman

Struggled so hard to remember this masterpiece years after I heard it then boom! His second name was enough to bring me back. 🥰.. Thank you JB

MsRobinsE509 Erin Peterson

I LOVE this one. No matter what is going on I can stop, close my eyes & breath.

Cecil Sims

This song speaks to my soul every time I listen to it. It never gets old and I never tire from hearing it... Angle eyes is one of my favorites of all times!

Misty Klystronik

This song makes me cry every single time I hear it. It is a gift, being able to evoke more heart wrenching emotions with a few notes on a piano than most people can with words, pictures and body language.


This is the first Brickman song I ever heard back in the 90s when I met somebody special. That special somebody is no longer with us but the song is and when I hear it a deluge of emotions comes back to remind me.

Brinda Layne

Everything Jim does is beyond amazing. I love his talent

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