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The Walk
Jimmy McCracklin Lyrics

Well I know you heard of Suzy-Q
And I know you heard of the chicken too
I know you heard of the cha-cha-choo
Cause the walk is a dance that you can do

You just walk, you just walk,
Oh you walk, yes you walk,
Yeah you walk, it has to walk

Well I know you heard of the Texas Hop
I know you heard of the old Fox Trot
But when you do The Walk
You ride each car
You just shake your hips and close your eyes

And then you walk, yeah you walk
Then you walk, oh you walk, ah you walk
Oh yes you walk

Do the walk, boys!

Well I know you heard of the old mambo
And I know you heard of the old congo
But when you do the walk
You're startin to get close
And don't step on your partners toes!

You just walk, yeah you walk, then you walk
Yes you walk, oh you walk, just the walk

Now if you don't know what it's all about
Come to me and I'll show you how
Well do it fast, well do it slow
Then you'll know the walk everywhere you go

You can walk, and you walk, now you walk
You gonna walk, you gotta walk it
Just a walk
Just a walk
Just a walk
Just a walk

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Comments from YouTube:


This was on John Lennon's personal Jukebox . You know he had good taste in music.

The Silver Hornets

The Beatles jam this in the Let It Be sessions too. :)

Smally Waters

I love the dynamic of the whole band. What a cool groove!

Dan G

Just been spinning this one now (45 on London '1958') my fathers record from when he was 17.. such a big sound comes off that needle. Beautiful.

Emmet Robert

I was in high school when The Inmates covered this, and led me to discover the original version. Great fun song!

A Google User

Wow what a cool song! I had never heard it til today but it's great. It's a bit before my time (I was born in 63), but 50s music is awesome. Rock on in that great band they have in rock n roll heaven Jimmy! 😊


This song was a very big influence on the song "Beltane walk" by T.Rex.

Paul Marasa

Bolan, for all his fantasmagorical-ness, really knew the roots of rock n rhythm. “Meanwhile, I’m stilllll thinkin.”


+Kcuhc And on the instrumental, Hide Away, by Freddie King.


Thanks a million for uploading with all the background info and images. A late 50s classic. Love the sax solo.

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