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Jirapah Lyrics

The awnings rise in morning time on avenues
After few cups to work through afternoons
But when the hour strikes you're
Marching right back into line for food

The hands move slowly when you watch so eyes shouldn't gaze
Back and forth you pace the floor with arms tied to the craft
But then the prospect of the after hour walk steadily in this head
The inviting call of alcohol that's resting calmly in its case

All are smiles when night arrives and chains break at will
The walls come down, the lights die and the stars guide in its stead
Then the bottle pours into our throats so heavily in excess
That the stars go round, the wine reminding

That your life's just part of
One morning's game you played a while
It's just one morning's game
You played the part of one

And you bowed
Curtain calls
Face it, darling
Close your eyes til morning time

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Comments from YouTube:

Remedy Saputra

Denger lagu ini di tahun 2011 apa 12 atau sebelum2nya, lupa aku..
Tapi lagu ini paling enak didenger apa lgi lyricnya..
Regards from lombok

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