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Garador's Flight
Jo Blankenburg Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Mastermind TV Deutschland

I love that track so much, it's one of my alltime favorites. There was a time I was suffering from depression. I remember the moment so well when I was running on the fields, spotify played this song and I had felt that deep sense of hope that turned into joy.. Great piece of art :-)

Talion Oswald

I founded this in Spotify as well when I was suffering from depression. But it is good that you are feeling joy again.. I know I'm so late


one of the best tracks i've ever heard

jim pitt

I cannot believe I have missed this fantastic Music for so long...I get a Chill whenever I hear it....I want this played at my death...I swear I will rise above the clouds


Bottom line - If I wanted to listen to ALL the epic music on YT I would spend rest of my life doing it... And it would be worth it. --- This piece is actually one of my all-time favorites.

Leonis Caeli - VGM

1:30 is so epic. Love the crescending-diminuending drums. (y)

Kevin Liu

@1:32 beautiful texture! Really love the chord progression.

Call Me Silu

A great piece, wonderfully written! I would like to argue that this is Jo's best work, and I hope he makes more music like this.

Marsha Spykerman

Wow, so very beautiful.  Thanks for sharing, Sam.

Jim Kenny

I get chills all over when I hear this master piece

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