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Get Out of My Way
Joe Torres Lyrics

Tierra va a temblar Santiago
Tierra va a temblar, Camagüey
Que no me llores
Que no me llores
mira monina
negrona linda
marra mi guey
get out of my way

Writer(s): Rick Desylva Copyright: Criterion Music Corporation

Contributed by Ian D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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for my husband: get out of my way - you freeloader


Where can you get the lyrics? I can find only the ones in english, bet I want the spanish version. Is it possible? Tnx

Stuart Damien

First heard this song in Sorority Boys I cried with laughter. What an awesome song

belisario guerra

Original: Joe Torres ( U.S. ) - Get out of my way ( Ric DeSilva ) ( 10/1966 ). Covers: Cal Tjader ( U.S. ) - Get out of my way ( 1969 ). Bossa 70 ( Perú ) - Get out of my way ( 1971 ).


This song is a massive stonker, like it so much! I always think of this when i hear music that curls the baloney clean off my sandwich and just.. tune in to something else. Doesn't mean it puzzles me any less from time to time though ;-) #elefantineshiteloadofreasons

Eblis Azazel

Excelente canción, gracias por subirla la estaba buscando.

Droyce 1991

Sorority boys 😎

Ruben Franco Sr

This is a tune for the ex, s

Gai Howe

unexpected pleasure to listen to this easy listening tight arrangement...don't you just love it when you come across good listening by mistake....


got me dancin!!!!

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