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Through & Through & Through
Joel Plaskett Lyrics

I'm the Berlin Wall, I'm a communist
You're a wrecking ball in a summer dress
You're the horizon line, I'm the last sunset
I might be going down but I'm not set yet
I'm as white as a ghost, digging foolish gold
I will man my post but I won't do as I'm told
I've got a purple heart from a bloody war
I can't take it anymore, more, more
They say that good things come to those who wait
But if you snooze then you lose
So don't hesitate

Outta sight, outta mind, outta luck, outta wine
Don't you say that I'm out of my fucking mind
I've been talking trash but it ain't my fault
Every time I move somebody's in my spot

You've got nowhere to go
I know, I know, I know
It's only you and me
But good things come in three

You be April Stevens, I'll be April Wine
You be Israel, I will be Palestine
Come on "Teach Me Tiger", come on and show me tricks
Let me take my time and take a couple lazy licks

Are you feeling blue?
Through & through & through
Where we find you now?
Around, around, around

All the dirty blondes, playing blue-eyed soul
You won't hear our songs on your radio
Every note we sing can't be solid gold
Every boy can't be Romeo

They say that good things come
To those who wait
Good things come
If you take the bait
In a rummage sale
At the Sally Ann!
Everything is cheap
Love should last a life
Or at least a year!
But it lasts a week
I'm the Berlin Wall
And that ain't all!
I'm a total mess
You're a wrecking ball
I'm a wrecking ball!
In a summer dress


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Comments from YouTube:

Matt Plaskett

yes!!!! family!:D he's still doing amazing im proud of him


Its so wierd seeing Egge without an instrument in her hands. I've never seen her arms just kinda dangling at the sides. But she gets it done when it comes to vocals anywhere anytime with anybody. Lucky dude.

Moira Russell

that harmony at about 2:06 is so pretty. I love the way all their voices blend.

Robert Younker

Good things certainly come in threes on this version of Through and Through and Through...... Another infinitely listenable song by Joel....and two awesome helpers.

ernie butler

my faviorate version stars in my eyes love to be on stage with three artist you guess witch lol


Awesome.  Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today!


@sgtkitty You said it! he gives 110% every time. Very involved with the crowd, always giving props to his home :) Great performer, guitarist, song writer all in all. Proud to be from the same provence.


Just wanted to see who's supporting BNL @ Southampton tonight. Can't wait for the gig now and will definitely be the early.


i think that's his signature shirt, because i just saw him tonight in Vancouver wearing it! he's so awesome, puts on one hell of a show =)

Andrew Perkins

great vid. thanks for posting

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