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Lost Summer
Joel Steven Lyrics

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longstoryshort Constance I′ve been thinking about you How your voice shakes when you'…
Whitey I felt new strange weather I felt a place changing inside I…

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Misted Look at me I'm as helpless as a kitten up a…

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Comments from YouTube:

Onye oma Chinyeremaka

I don't know what you've been praying about or what has had your pillows soaked with tears, but GOD has heard your prayers. This is your confirmation that everything is going to be alright. GOD is making a way for you right now!

shevanese ramsay

Thank you lord

northeast to the point

Pray that we can bless God when that which was going well changes.

Estelle Vittee

What a great msg thank you.. Faith in God is things unseen

Afum Essel

I feel excited when I blessed you, Pastor always after a sermon . These sermons have impacted my life greatly. Sincerely speaking, May God bless very much.

Iwalenia Adelaja

Thank you.

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maaari luv

I am blessed
I am blessed
I am blessed

Thank you Jesus 🧡🧡🧡🙏🏾🌻

Onye oma Chinyeremaka

Father Lord, I didn't sleep well, but I did wake up. My wallet is not full, but my belly is.I may not have all I want, but I have all I need. My life isn't perfect, but my life is good.Thank YOU!

Enid Silva

@Achola Masha kkk km


God is good man, he really is 😌

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