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Back 2 U
by Joey Gatto

I don't answer stupid questions
You gonna need a new direction
You ain't gettin' no time, Ha!
Like maybe a couple of couple of seconds
Yeah I'm coming back for seconds
Yeah I think I learned my lesson
No mistaking this girl
Why you all up in my section?

Now I will walk out the door
If I thought on the other side I would see you alone
And I know Im something different
Baby know that it's sure
This don't need to be known
Just go hit up my phone (Oh yeah)

I said everything gon be just fine
Baby let me kick it with you tonight
We can take a night off girl
We can do what ever you want girl

Moves to fast

Yo imma break it down real soft girl nice
(Yeah oh)
Couldn't love you like I do baby
Oh I'm a fool, know its true

And Im always coming back to you

(Yeah) I'm deep in thought about the thoughts that I've been runnng through
I've been trying to find another you
That's impossible
I'm sitting here thinking "What are you?
Are you special?"
Thats an understatement

And yo all of my fastest flavoring
And give me like a couple of minutes to sit you down and just tell you how much I suck
Tellin' our love in the dark (Yeah)
Let me know you wanna spark (Yeah)

Tell me where you wanna start (Yeah)

We could just leave in the dark (Oh shit)
Text sent
Wait. Hold up
I Didn't mean to hit that
Think I'm 'bout to throw up
Yo dont be tellin' me to calm down
How you bout to look at me and tell me that I'm wrong now
And baby Im just sitting here
Trippin for no reason
Maybe she don't got a man and she thinkin' 'bout leavin'
Maybe she gon see if and just wait for like a couple days
(Shut up, shut up
She just text you back
What she say)

(Yeah oh)
Couldn't love you like I do baby
Oh I'm a fool, no its true
And Im always coming back to you
(Baby oh)
Always coming back to you
(Yeah oh)

Contributed by Nolan F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.