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Johann Sebastian Bach Lyrics


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As a 1700’s kid, this hit me hard :(

Iris Guevarez

Haha I think I was born in this era seems so familiar to me

Dan Karlin 🌺

Bro about 300yrs old


Rock music of its day. Still being played, heard and loved in 2022


Take me there too



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Mr Lawn

Bach was a person who simply made music, and look at him go now. He’s made it into a couple songs like “The Good Part” and is going to be in Red Velvet’s upcoming song. Thank you for the inspiration, Bach, even 336 years later you still are praised.

Mr Lawn

@Coughee Pls nah I think he would’ve felt like he was being spit on instead of honored 💀

Coughee Pls

@Trevor Harrington nah even compared to Handel, Bach was much less famous in his time. Bach just wrote music as a means of worshipping God. All his works were almost forgotten after his death only to be reintroduced and repopularised by Felix Mendelssohn much later. Look at the millions of people that got introduced to this masterpiece by pop songs. His music is only popular to this day because people keep being introduced to it, by whatever means it may be

Coughee Pls

You make it seem as if he would've felt honoured knowing his music was put in a kpop song 💀

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