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John Dreamer Lyrics

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Xavier de Vulpillières

~ In you darkest time
~ Remember you hope
~ And you will be fine
~ In you sorrow

~ Rise, from the dark
~ Rise from you ashes
~ Rise through the sky
~ Rise through the sun

~ Always remember
~ That even the darkest cloud
~ Still have their golden part

silver moon

She yearned to read as her fingers touch it
She opened the book and read.
As her eyes fell upon the page
A world seemed to open around her
As the sun shined on the grassy meadows
The wind caressed her face
And the birds sang and people danced
She loved it. Every word danced on the page
And she was in her world.
A river ran nearby and its crystal blue water
Was so clear she saw the little fish swim
Around it all was the grey mountains
They were covered in snow.
And the sky so clear, no clouds were there.
And it was all she could ever ask for.
Falling upon that grass, she sighed sadly
For it was all just her imagination
In her dark prison she called home

Zyda Genesis

“She can’t rule. No one will follow her. She is not one of us,”
“I believe in her,”
“Right... But they don’t,”

“She isn’t our blood and she will never be,”

“After Rieka’s death, we will kill her. Justice for the real bloodline of our land,”

“I’m gonna kill her in the fighting pit,”
“Not if she kills you fhirst,”

“Your mother would be so proud,”
“My mother is dead. Her duty was to keep us safe, but the let the stranger in our land. We are in more danver than ever because of a nonblood,”

“Mayhe she doesn’t have our blood. But she has our haert,”
“Some of us don’t have haerts,”

“I believe in her,”

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Jonathan Hart

"In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength!" - Iroh

Ana Malia Black

A beautiful quote , but what if that hope might bring you a bigger pain in the future ?

Mongkol Pharalak

@Walter Bergmann /

Robby Saint

If we life in shadow of the past then today we haa die forever.

Josua Butar

@Jonathan Hart bh

jfb ya😄 tapi aku jadi
vpovo ub


@Walter Bergmann que

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All good things eventually come to an end, but the journey is what makes it worthwhile.

Helmi Lazuardi

Well said.. beautiful sentence, full of wisdom.

Just a Servant of God

@AfterMathTv Praise Jesus, Amen!

Руслан Абудов

Our spirits are endless bro

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