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My Little Box
by John Frizzell

Silent in my sanity I live safe inside my cell. In the darkness my sin haunts me, I've seen my own special hell. Covered in my suffering, something warm inside this pain. The forewall's coming down on me, come on down again.
Let you in and you come on to the haze of the cooking grave. But your life itself can cool an empty cave. Sooner or later you think this is what other people need. Doing all that shit, man leave me here to bleed.
Cradle falls... unholy walls...
Cradle falls... Unholy walls...
Cradle Falls...
Straight to the silence I live safe inside my cell. and that darkness thats around me I've seen my own special hell. I fight myself feeling warm inside this pain. The floors coming down on me, come on down again.
You woke me out of my secret grave. You let your pretty world in.
Cradle falls...
Unholy Walls...
Now your in my world did you dream it'd be so small. My little box was perfect, until you destroyed it all. My sanctity of circle. Forever in its place. The sacred scent of you, is all thats left to taste. Feeling clostrophobic, now my world is closing in, suido retribution, where I am. where I've been. I'll take you to a place, you never knew could be, curled up in my little box.
Cradle falls...


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