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Compared to What
John Legend & The Roots Lyrics

I love you low

Said love the lie and lie the love
Hangin' on with push and shove
Possession is the motivation
Hangin' up the God-damn nation
Looks like we always end up in a rut
Hey tryin' to make it real
Compared to what?
Tryin' to make it real
Compared to what?

Slaughterhouse is killin' hogs
Twisted children killin' frogs
Poor dumb rednecks rollin' logs
Tired old ladies are kissin' dogs
Hate the human love of that stinking mutt, cant stand it
Try to make it real
Compared to what?
Hey try to make it real, yeah
Compared to what?

President, he's got his war
The folks don't know just what it's for
No one gives us rhyme or reason
They have one doubt, they call it treason
Chicken-feathers all without one nut.
Tryin' to make it real
Compared to what?
Hey, try to make it real
Compared to what?

Church on Sunday, sleep and nod
Tryin' to duck, the wrath of God
Preacher's fillin' us with fright
They tryin' to tell us what they think is right
They really got to be some kind of nut, yeah
Tryin' to make it real
Compared to what?
Can't stand it
Tryin' to make it real, oh
Compared to what?
Hey tryin' to make it real,
Hey hey, compared to what?
Tryin' to make it real, yeah
Compared to what?

Where's that bee and where's that honey?
Where's my God and where's my money?
Unreal values, crass distortion
Unwed mothers who want abortion

Kind of brings to mind ol' young King Tut, he did it now
Tried to make it real real compared to what hey hey


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Comments from YouTube:


that bass player is completely slaying it

Ben Faunce

And the only one doing so.

Etienne Franc

potatopotatopotato Owen Biddle. You dont even see him til halfway thru the video🙄🙄🙄 But hearing him is whats important.


he is and I wish it was a bit louder


+giggs102 Do yourself a favour and track down the full version of this, goes on twice as long, which means even more great bass moments!

Joey Hardy

dude you're not kidding


this vid's sound is SO LOW


man if you're listening to this with speakers with poor bass response, you are missing about 40% of the song...

Timothy Nelson

Owen Biddle owns this version and only gets about 15 seconds of screen time.  wtf.

Ben Blackburn

that snare though...

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