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Steppin' Out
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Lyrics


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The song that started it all and launched a million guitar-god wannabe's.  Before this song came out, most of the rockers were still playing those jangly, weak sounding guitars and amps.  The fat tone of Clapton's Les Paul cranked up through an overdriven Marshall Bluesbreaker amp started a Renaissance and changed Rock n Roll forever.

Moises Chavez

Not Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck they were recording things like Beck's Bolero and Happenings Ten Years Time Ago the same year this album came out.


@Bob Saturday That's October 1966, the Beano album came out in May 1966 and was a huge influence on Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen as well as many others. This isn't a pissing game between Clapton and Hendrix, but Clapton had the best tone of the two when he appeared on this album.


@Don Rutter That maybe the first rock n roll song, but the guitar is barely heard, the piano and sax are the main things you hear. Besides, It just happens to have the first distorted guitar sound and Clapton's tone here puts that song to shame, if Rocket 88 was so influential in 1951, why did it take 15 years for it to create hard rock that this song strated?


@star cloud Folk rock, not hard rock.

Kabuki Kommando [New Genesis]

@DankBuddhaStank A jugband gone electric? Yeah, because jug music is really gonna put the balls and sheer power in rock, hard rock, and heavy metal in the same way that Clapton and the Bluesbreakers did. The Dead are kool, but they were out of their depth in 1966 when this monster of a record dropped.

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Chris Bardolph

Clapton is the Benjamin Button of guitar. The farther back you go the higher level playing you hear.

Anthony Lewis

I've always said the same thing!! It Blows my mind! Dude was Ripping!!!! Wtf Happened!?


Yup, he got lame after cream.

ninja vigilante

Lol absolutely, this is where he wanted to prove something after being pushed out of the yardbirds for the single for your love

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