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Steppin' Out
by John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers


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David Webster

I don't understand why every Clapton post immediately draws the "Hendrix was better" or "Peter Green blew him away" comparison. Can't we just appreciate what HE did? This is one of the greatest electric performances ever by anybody. Perfect tone and magnificent choice of notes…unparalleled solo architecture. I love SRV, Hendrix, Beck, Albert King, etc., and they all make their own statement. Just appreciate the great ones individually…it's like politics, everyone wants to take a side.

Guitaraokee Tuesday

Because he was touted as "God" as in "Clapton is God" until Hendrix literally blew him off a stage in London


Well stated, just enjoy the moment

Bruzrk gro-Malog

Well said sir!

ps: Clapton was the best tho... ; )

carter holt

if you don't know it's cause you wern't there... and you're not here..


He asked kossoff about bend and vibrato technique

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Not bad for a 21 year old...........

Lee McDaid - Donegal - HD Movie Clips

Eric was actually only 20 when this was recorded in March 1966 (Eric wasn't 21 until the 30th of March 1966)

Clout Lord

Big Barty i think it was both..when I heard clapton play stormy monday with John mayall I realized no other bluesmen had played like that..the old black legends would solo a little bit but the focus was more on the song..clapton was loud and he would continue to solo even pass fret 12!! He would keep crafting beautiful phrases even at the highest frets! Wow you were really there man!! I wish i could feel how you musta felt hearing this in the 60s..i can enjoy at but i grew up in the 2000s so i was used to hearing virtuoso guitar players but i put myself in the position of someone in the 1960s hearing these guys like wow it must have been mind blowing

Big Barty

@Clout Lord Absolutely right, and that is how he got that distinctive sound. Some people mistakenly think that he was unique in his playing style when in fact it was down to the sound he was achieving, as you say, with the genius of Marshall. The Beano album was the first album I ever bought back in 1968 and I've been discovering new stuff from that era ever since. There's gold out there!

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