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Steppin' Out
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Lyrics


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Jean-Marie Boucherit

What makes Eric Clapton unique and for me the unparalleled best is his constant playing with rhythm, putting notes when you don’t expect them, starting licks at unexpected times and making his music always surprising and exciting.

Heath McLaren


H Honez

You got it. Clapton was great the way he syncopated his playing. I never heard anybody else do it like that except Gene Krupa or maybe Sinatra.

Chris Bardolph

Clapton is the Benjamin Button of guitar. The farther back you go the higher level playing you hear.

Mike Carus

Wasn't impressed by Cream. This album and Layla with Allman were mountains above anything else. Musically he died afterwards.


@ninja vigilante Didnt he LEAVE ??? and is for your love Clapton´s fault ?? if so wtf ??

Strick nine

@Anthony Lewis
He quit the mighty, swaggering Les Paul,..So there's a strong clue that he simply went a little bit mental or crazy and it showed up in his playing.

Rynh 777

Never recovered from the god graffiti thing and the famous hendrix but nonetheless he’s paid his dues to blues


@Baghuul Not after Cream but after Derek and the Dominos. ;-)

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David Webster

I don't understand why every Clapton post immediately draws the "Hendrix was better" or "Peter Green blew him away" comparison. Can't we just appreciate what HE did? This is one of the greatest electric performances ever by anybody. Perfect tone and magnificent choice of notes…unparalleled solo architecture. I love SRV, Hendrix, Beck, Albert King, etc., and they all make their own statement. Just appreciate the great ones individually…it's like politics, everyone wants to take a side.

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