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Glasgow Kiss
John Petrucci Lyrics

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Ashutosh Pande

03:00 - 04:54 always evokes the craziest nostalgia. The times gone by, the lovers, the hopes and dreams...and I guarantee there is only ONE person who will pop into your head when you hear this. Call them!

Bryan Feindel

@beaf I just choked on air from laughing at this


Absolutely best part of the song

Toto Andriyana

04 :21 the melodies make me cry😣😣




@beaf LOL

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Charley Karrupt

Only John Petrucci can make a 8 minute long instrumental that I can replay over and over again.

zackatack harmonic

@abc def Nununu nu nunununu nunu nu nunu nunu nunununununununu nu nu nu;hay

White Walker

@Tarantul- Anvil Some guys forgetting Steve Vai here.

Tarantul- Anvil

Satriani's been doing it for 40 years. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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