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Romantic Flight
John Powell Lyrics

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Dont worry little Hicky you'll marry her, just wait 6 years 🤣

Shadow 989

H4ppy_H4ck3r Seven. Not six

Marc V

Coltafanan Studios Facts

Matrix Ninja

Now he did 😊

Xianne Therese Bondad

A hicky?!


@Arthur Moe-Mux-Hagi HAHAHAHAHHA OMG

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Connor Senn-Sanger

It is a scandal that this soundtrack did not win best original score :(

Xianne Therese Bondad

@King Hydrei don't nudge me I'm bad understanding English boiiiiiiii

King Hydrei

@Xianne Therese Bondad fam i think you misread their comment lmao, they are saying it should have won the Oscar for best score.

Kevin Sampson

@Xianne Therese Bondad shut yo bitch ass up bro. social network had no memorable tracks ya I guess booo is right

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