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Duel of the Fates
John Williams Lyrics


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Noah Maren

All memes summed up:

00:09 - I am the senate

00:22 - Cola

00:46 - Donald Trump needs air

00:56 - Bill Gates on fire

01:08 - sweating dude

01:37 - Explosion Nr. 1

01:48 - dude who is not playing (wacht out later)

02:05 - Edward Snowden

02:49 - Explosion Nr. 2

02:55 - Dr. Strange chewing gum

03:04 - Explosion Nr. 3

03:11 - Dude who is not playing again

03:58 - Dude who is not playing again Nr.2

04:16 - when drug kicks in

All comments from YouTube:

Vishwas Prasad

The conductor seems to have the high ground

Angel Lush

You underestimate my (insert instrument used to make the music)!

Evan DeGeer

You underestimate my entire orchestra 😂

Anakin Skywalker

Obi wan is happy

GD Hammr

I mean how else is he supposed to maim the- I mean get the orchestra to see him.

Jim Kim M.D.


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Darth Vader

This theme never gets old....

Just like those younglings

Valle Korky

Brooooo 😳😂


Then it's treason

Zac Villard

TSUKUNE — “It’s treason, then.*”

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