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Deprived Neighborhoods
John Young Classical Lyrics

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Savathûn the Judge

@Mighty Mouse 1. Box with triangle
2. 50
3. 8
4. Yes
5. I wanna say Atlantic?
6. I have no idea i have never heard of this
7. The platypus I believe. I remember they were added to near extinction/endangered species back in 2020, but if not then the Pangolins from Asia
8. FALSE, it is real issue due to constant carbon emissions
9. An Oblate Spheroid

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Maximus Prime

"I grew up with my family loving Trump"

Like what is he now, Walt Disney?


@Maximus Prime You Reaaaaaaally sure シ

Maximus Prime

Not anymore he isnt...


He’s your president is what.



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*Botched *

“You can’t make a billion dollars being an idiot”

Paris Hilton who pretended to be a idiot for more then 10 years and is extremely close to being a billionaire: 👁👄👁

J Antelopez

like trump, paris hilton was a rich kid with disinterested parents who sent her off when they couldnt be bothered to raise her too.. but unlike trump she's managed to put down her cartoon character persona for long enough to reflect on her experiences and has managed to use them to stand up for children's rights and has helped change laws in Utah .. not an idiot and a better citizen than trump could ever be


Paris Hilton inherited her money. She is also a businesswoman. She isn't stupid. She has had a successful career. Same with Trump. He's a billionaire because he worked hard and because of his investments.

Andy Tull

But did he make a honest living?


No. But having a rich daddy helps.

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