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Stars of the Midnight Range
Johnny Bond Lyrics

Stars of the midnight ranges
Shining through the night

Stars of the midnight ranges
Light my way tonight

While my herd is grazin'
Guide them til the dawn

Watch them while I'm sleepin'

Till the stars are gone

Candles up in heaven
Lend your light so strange

Guide my weary dogies
Stars of the midnight range

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Comments from YouTube:


We won’t go quietly, The legion can count on that.

Dean Gabriel Atup {Jotaro Kujo The Boss}

awe true to Caesar!


Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter

Xander Root

I can see the helios one

Zander Makes Videos

I was hoping there would be more gambling on this mission

dylan bridges

Ring a ding ding baby

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Ace of Spades

[Intelligence 1] Me like song, song good


Shane Cunningham [NCR] Wow, nice! How many kills did you have to get before the lieutenant finally let you move up to Ace of Spades?

Shane Cunningham

[Fallout nerd] hey my man! A-a-ace of spades, at your s-s-s...service!

Tanner Sliva

Not common to see a fellow fallout/destiny fan.

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