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Pretty Women
Johnny Depp Alan Rickman Lyrics

Mr. Todd?
At your service
An honor to receive your patronage, m′lord!
You know me, sir?

Who in this wide world does not know the great Judge Turpin?
What may I do for you today, sir?
A stylish... Trimming of the hair? A soothing skin massage?
Sit, sir, sit!

You see, sir, a man infatuate with love
Her ardent and eager slave
So fetch the pomade and pumice stone
And lend me a more seductive tone
A sprinkling, perhaps, of French cologne
But first, sir, I think... A shave!
The closest I ever gave

You're in a merry mood today, Mr. Todd
′Tis your delight, sir
Catching fire
From one man to the next!

'Tis true, sir, love can still inspire
The blood to pound, the heart leap higher!
What more
What more can man require
What more can man require?

Than love, sir?
More than love, sir!
What, sir?
Ah, yes, women
Pretty women!

Now, then, my friend
Now, to your purpose
Patience, enjoy it
Revenge can't be taken in... Haste

Make haste, and if we wed you′ll be commended, sir!
My lord!

And who may it be said is your intended, sir?
My ward!

A pretty little rosebud!
Pretty as her mother?
What? What was that?
Nothing, sir! Nothing!

Pretty women
Sipping coffee
Or dancing
Pretty women
Are a wonder
Pretty women

Sitting in the window or standing on the stair
Something in them cheers the air
Pretty women
Stay within you

Stay forever
Breathing lightly
Pretty women
Pretty women

Blowing out their candles or
Combing out their hair
Even when they leave
They still
Are there (with you)
They′re there... (there, with you)

Pretty women at their mirrors
In their gardens
How they make a man sing!
Proof of heaven, as you're living!

Pretty women, sir!
Pretty women, yes!
Pretty women, oh!
Pretty women!
Pretty women!

Writer(s): Stephen Sondheim

Contributed by Camilla O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Alan Rickman has a surprisingly soothing voice. That prefect deep pitch, not deep enough to be awkward but not high enough to be annoying.


I think his and Johnny Depp’s really go together well in this - I don’t know whether it’s their different ranges or the accents but they really compliment each other when they’re harmonising together.


나도 좋아

Anushka Auddy

Its at that beautiful place

Memento Moriarty

All these comments "I see Snape and Captain Jack..."
You know, who I see?
I see two incredible male actors singing together and I'm just sitting here and cry, because one of them is gone.

Grace George

And it’s not Depp

Random Dude

So damn true

Elizabeth B

I see Johnny Depp, an amazingly diverse actor who especially when working with Tim Burton is stunning. And Alan Rickman who in his time was well known for playing Snape, but had so many other amazing artistic rolls and whom I dearly miss now that he is gone. It's not fair that they are only seen for one character when they've done some many wonderful other rolls. I own all of Johnny's movies and many of Rickmans and truly appreciate all they've done.

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Tori Flacco

Am I the only person that loves the way Johnny Depp sings "how they make a man sing"

Aarushi Parashar

Idk why I blush at that line

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