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Johnny Vicious Lyrics

Shadow Hearts
Vicious Circle
every day I see your face
every day I die
every day I feel your breath
every day I'm born again
you give me joy, but my thanks are just pain
and out of fear I pull myself loose again
for you I die
you are everything I need, what I desire,
but will I ever understand?
come on!
I die for you
please forgive my faults,
maybe one day I will realize what you mean (to me),
I hope it won't be too late
every time I cry,
I feel your lies
every time I die,
I see your eyes.

Writer(s): John Coles Copyright: Jessica Michael Music Inc.

Contributed by Tristan K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ace Ace

Sound Factory all the way
Those were the days!


SF and exit

Kenneth Dale

Tunnel. Early 1999. If our club era has an anthem, this is it.

Lovro Sipovac

Does anyone know the real name of this version. It's so much better than the other one


I totaly agree


@Pablo Andrade are you an angel from techno heaven? Thank you for heading me towards the good version.

Pablo Andrade

You can listen this version on Spotify

Pablo Andrade

Is the UFO remix

Christopher Padilla

Best version.

Lucas Grosso


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