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Be Careful With a Fool
by Johnny Winter

Man, be careful with a fool. you know, someday he may get smart
Man, be careful with a fool. you know, someday he may get smart
He will treat you so cool and chilly, till he hurt you to your heart

Yeah, you know

Hate to remember, oh, what a fool I used to be, ha, ha!
Man, I hate to remember how foolish I used to be
The way I used to love you, baby, how bad it's gonna be

You know, I used to cry 'bout you, baby, ha!
You know, I'd-a walk the streets a-late at night
Used to cry about ya, a-walk the streets, a-late at night

If you love me just a little bit, baby, why in the world don't you treat me right?

Ah, yeah
Oh, yeah



Yeah, baby!

Uh, finally over, baby, whoa, I believe this is the end, ah, ah, yeah, well!
Finally over, baby, oh, I believe this-a is the end, ah
I want to tell you my baby, to forgive me for my sin

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Johnny Winter is criminally underrated

Peter S. Paulson

Good. He's too cool for the masses...let's keep him to ourselves.

Van peter

You're very fortunate.

Van peter

Oh yeah.

Gram Armstrong

@im annonymous don't forget Kingfish yo!!!

Gram Armstrong

You're G*D D*MN right!!!!!!

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The whitest man to EVER play the Blues so black!


Sean Rosati ...there is NO color to damn ignorant....Ford made the car, should Blacks be reminded of that?


SO SICK OF STATEMENTS LIKE THIS..Soul has NO fuxking color...
Blacks can’t stand to see Whites with major talent so they need to take credit..,Hahahahahahahah....grow the Fuxk up, and invent something.

Martin Povea

Why are some people so damn stupid lmfao btw great comment, 100% true

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