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Small Memory
Jon Hopkins Lyrics

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Samuel Boyd

My cat died today. It may seem trivial to some, but it wasn't to me. I listened to this song and at first I cried, and I cried. Now I listen to it, and I still tear up, but I feel both sadness and happiness. Thanks Jon Hopkins.


I found this song on coub being used on a video with cats in it and thanks to Shazam I found the name to the song.


My cat died and when this song randomly came on my spotify it immediately drew me to tears on a public transit. I am sorry about your kitty. I miss mine too. Glad we share this.

Pandabear Windtalker

Was listening to this album when my mom passed away. Your comment was exactly how I feel about this song.

Adrian MangIliman

It's been 5 years since I've first listened to this. Every time I relisten it still makes me tear up, reminding me of simpler and happier times. What a truly wonderful piece of music.

nano accelerator

This song...I honestly feel like it resonates with me, it's so powerful in a soft way. Wish it was longer, honestly, I'll never get over this.


This is the first song that comes to mind that i would want people to hear at my funeral, which will hopefully take a while xD

Jennifer Reichart

Yea, you're right. This song does sound like something you would hear at a funeral home.

Jorge Ramos

You know i discovered this band through listening to Coldplay and when i realized that his song 'light through the veins was one of the songs featured in their album. I was totally amazed even more that he was apart of coldplay's song writers. If you like Jon Hopkins, I think you should check INSPIRATIVE or CHICANE.


Goodnight Digby, you did us proud 😢

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